Donald Sutherland is Ashamed to Be White, Many Are ‘Bigots, Racists’

‘’s interesting to, to realize that you are seen as an integral part of a group that many of whom are mendacious, misogynist, bigots, racists and it’s appalling..’

Oh dearest Hollywood, would you please stop with all your political correct talk! I’ve lost count of the number of shows and movies that have now been soured because of actors, like Donald Sutherland, are insisting on expressing their radical political views. Now every single time I watch Kelly’s Heroes and Oddball (Sutherland’s character) comes on, those scenes are RUINED.

How can I enjoy this now…

… after hearing “I’m ashamed of my white privilege” bullshit!? Every single time I watch a Sutherland flick his PC bullshit will go through my head and ruin the movie for me.

PLEASE STOP, SHUT THE HELL UP! And that goes for you too Patrick Stewart, don’t ruin Star Trek TNG for me either!

In my day when we wore safety pins it was to make a statement. Wearing safety pins was to show how many people we defeated on the wrestling mat, that we put into submission. We wore them publicly down one arm of our team/ school jacket to show “you’re a winner”, how many fell to your dominance in skill, strength and athleticism… Some people wore them on diapers too, WHEN THEY WERE BABIES!

Anyway, we get it we understand you elitists in Hollywood have an opinion on issues and politics, but you are public figures who represent a product and brand. You are destroying said product and brand when you get all progressive PC! Speak your mind but choose your words wisely otherwise you’re going to scare a lot of people away.

There is nothing to be ashamed about that you worked hard to get where you are. Color of ones skin had nothing to do with that. IMO if MLK was here he would probably tell all you progs to shove it!