Here’s Why Sen Bob Corker is the WORST Candidate for Secretary of State (Vid&Audio)

(Nov 10 2016)                       (Nov 28 2016)

Everyone seems to be all giddy about Trump’s cabinet appointments and candidates he is considering for Secretary of State. Let me preface this post by saying YOU NEED TO MAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN TO EVERYTHING POSTED. I cannot sum up/ do justice to the dire warnings Mark Levin has issued when it comes to Sen Bob Corker.

As Levin promised, he will got to WAR if Bob Corker is appointed Sec of State. With all the names being floated around, Trump is considering, Corker is by far the worst. SoS is one of the most important and powerful positions (4th in line to the presidency) to be held. Do you remember the Iran nuke deal? Do you remember how mad you were about it? Corker more of less undermined the Senate and ceded Constitutional powers to obama in 2015 with his bill that allowed the Iran nuke deal to go forward!

As explained last year, Levin went totally ballistic laying it all out because no one is comprehending what was in the Corker bill they all supported and voted for. Not surprising since clearly NO ONE reads the bills!
“Under this bill instead of needing 2/3 of Senators present to approve a treaty, this bill with “obama’s blessing” only requires 60 now and a supermajority of 67 to override a presidential veto! “Now we need a super-majority to override the president rather than a super-majority where the president needs approval for a treaty“.”

Even Fox’s Brit Hume saw the writing on the wall of what Corker had done issuing a similar warning, where again I did my best to lay it all out…
“The Senate has come up with a measure that has reversed the treaty ratification process to allow this Iran deal to get Senate approval. Sen Corker and company have more of less made it impossible to stop obama or any other future president from entering into a treaty! Here’s why, under Corkers Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act 60 votes are needed for approval, 67 votes would be required to override a presidential veto! This is the complete opposite of how a treaty, and this is what the Iran deal is, gets approved!”

Corkers bill ceding power to obama and future presidents cannot be overlooked let alone dismissed. He has demonstrated he has the ability to undermine the US Constitution and the nations safety. This is not the type of person to be a representation of the American people and the next administration as Sec of State. If Corker is capable of flipping the Treaty Clause, that enabled the Iran nuclear deal to go forward, what will he do as SoS?! Even if Pres-Elect Trump tears up the nuke deal, Corker’s bill still exists… it’s law! If you don’t think this makes Corker the WORST Candidate for Secretary of State then maybe you don’t care too much about the Constitution or national security!