CNN’s Camerota Hopes Americans Will Wear Headscarves in Solidarity With Muslims (Video)

Like a typical liberal CNN’s Alisyn Camerota would like to see American women wearing headscarves in solidarity with muslim women who feel like they’re treated unfairly. Are we all muslims now Alison? (Guess now some who were wondering can see why she was cut loose from Fox, Alisyn Camerota fits in perfectly over at the Clinton News Network.) Why is it the left always wants the majority to submit to the minority? We have people in this country right now, radical islamic jihadists, who want to kill us, including you pandering liberals, yet they are the victims?!

First off I’m not buying these “reports” about acts of hate against muslims from Trump supporters via FAKE NEWS outlets like CNN. These stories have turned out to be false since the election as some desperate last attempt to trash the President-Elect. Second if purple people are calling for and attacking Americans then YES Americans will look upon and treat all purple people differently. I don’t see any of these women in this report demanding the muslim community to condemn radical jihadists. I haven’t seen a million muslim march against radical islam at the Washington Monument either. And what about jihadists who dress like women to carry out attacks… screw that, what about the women who carry out attacks in full burkas? Yea!

We have a legitimate reason to look on them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. So, sorry to those of you who feel like you’re being treated differently. Americans have a right to protect ourselves and look at people differently who are part of a culture that wants us dead!

Now if Alisyn wants to convert and be treated like a piece of property that’s fine, just don’t start whining when you get the evil eye in public!