Illegal Immigrants Surging Across Border Ahead of Election

While the 2 Presidential candidates and all their surrogates beat each other to death on the campaign circuit with just 5 days to go, our border problem remains in chaos. Both Trump and Clinton are magnets for illegal aliens, as Border Agent Chris Cabrera explains, to rush our border to either get here before the wall is built or in hopes of getting amnesty. The fact they’re coming here against our laws doesn’t seem to phase any of them and just goes to show illegals have Z E R O respect for America. This claim of seeking asylum is just an excuse they’re using planted by smugglers and this admins actions to draw illegals in. Most are primarily coming here for the free stuff (baited by progressives seeking power), not the idea of enjoying the rule of law and freedom this country offers. Their very presence here is a slap in the face to anyone even suggesting that. Yea they love the idea of a fair nation under the rule of law where the first thing they do is violate those laws!

Take note those rushing the border are OTM’s (other than Mexican) coming from Dominica Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Eastern Europe, China and of course nations where radical islam is embraced. These people are compromising not only our national security but our economic and social systems that are hanging by a thread. We don’t have the resources to care for our own (homeless, poverty-stricken, unemployed and veterans) yet amazingly Washington and sanctuary states have the resources to give to these invaders!

If something is not done quick to put a stop to this invasion we aren’t going to have a country worth coming to!