Clinton FBI Investigation is Much Larger Yielding “Avalanche of Evidence” Will Likely Lead to Indictment

Fox’s Bret Baier opened Special Report with breaking news that is more on the level of “what next” about the corrupt Clinton crime family. On top of having eyes on Hillary’s email scandal, the FBI for over a year has been quietly investigating the Clinton Foundation over pay-to-play corruption. There is so much evidence, “an avalanche”, coming to surface an indictment is expected but we shouldn’t hold our breath. Why? The DOJ’s Lorretta Lynch has personally been getting involved trying to put the brakes on anything against the Clinton’s.

I cannot put into words the level of disgust, distrust etc I have for this govt that has more or less taken direct action to protect an unindicted felon. The FBI is morally corrupt/ wounded with Comey at the helm and the DOJ is clearly corrupt under Lynch, who should be forced out right now! Hillary Clinton and her pervert husband need to go to jail for how they have sold this country out for their own personal financial gain. Can you imagine what this woman would do as President? Not only would she continue to sell the nation out, but would most likely leave us powerless against any of our foes around the world because they would have enough on her to blackmail her!

We thought obama would be the destroyer of the Republic. While he has done irreparable damage to this country Hillary would most likely, personally hammer the final nails into Americas coffin!