Tucker Carlson Grills College Snowflake Who Pushed to Have US Flag Removed (Video)

America the complete and utter nonsense coming out of this SNOWFLAKE CHILD on Tucker Carlson Tonight is PROOF of the amount of damage liberal run colleges and universities have on the minds of our youth. This KID is a pure example of the liberal indoctrination college students are subjected to. Just listen to how he talks, no one leaves high school thinking or this drone. The anti-American drivel he is spewing is what liberal academia has brainwashed them to think! We pay for an education on whatever a major is, but instead liberal professors fill students minds with this poison that the American flag is a symbol of colonialism and oppression.

Take note the little snowflake is studying to be a history teacher to pass on misinformation as it has been passed onto him! He can’t name a country besides the US he would prefer to be in to be prosecuted either. Yet he has the audacity to trash the flag that is a representation of the very freedom he and his ilk abuse! All of you commies need to shut up!