Pelosi’s Challenger for Minority Leader is Upset Democrat Party is “Not a National Party Anymore” (Video)

Rep Tim Ryan, who is challenging Nancy Pelosi to be the minority leader in the House, is upset over the amount of democrat held seats lost. He has been making his rounds on all the networks saying the democrat party is ‘not even a national party anymore’. That’s so horrible, they should really hammer home on all their positions and push harder like they’ve done. Change he is talking about will come, just give it some time.

So please democrats hold the line, stay the course, keep Pelosi, Hoyer and the rest in power. Elect Rep Ellison as the new DNC chair too, do not allow these young radicals like Ryan within your party to rise up.
⬆︎: sarcasm :⬆︎

To answer your question Rep Ryan the number is to take your party to zero. The democrat party needs to go the way of the dinosaur along with the corrupt GOP. Congress needs to be a body of the people by the people again not you political hacks who become multimillionaires at the peoples expense. You’re all bad you all need to go, but by all means democrats first!

Oh and please stop with identifying yourself as a progressive. True progressives as Clinton ID’d herself in 08 you all jumped on board with doesn’t mean to be aggressive, move forward and all inclusive etc. The early 20th c progressives you all are associating yourselves with were VERY BAD DANGEROUS people.