Hillary Says Fake News is “A Danger That Must Be Addressed Quickly” (Video)

Well she would know about fake news and “malicious false propaganda” wouldn’t she! Clinton relied on the alt-left fake news media to put her into the White House. Funny, she seems to forget all the fake news and propaganda she herself pushed, like the classic one about being under sniper fire in Bosnia or how some video was the reason for the Benghazi attack, that left 4 Americans including an Ambassador dead!

Now that she and the alt-left’s plan has failed to be obama’s third term, this early 20th c progressive is issuing this warning to discredit those who have remained loyal to presenting the truth regardless of the consequences from the radical left. For 8 solid years we have been mocked, called racists, haters bigots withstanding it all. Everything we warned about happened that produced one electoral victory after another. Small conservative blogs who post the truth, like STR, to large sites like The Blaze held their ground pushing every bit of info we had to stop this anti-American from becoming the 45th Pres.

Go ahead call us all fake news, it will backfire just like everything else progressives have been doing for years. They just don’t get it. To this day they still can’t see why the had their asses handed to them a month ago. By all means, please keep it up, please continue to attack and try to discredit us. Whether we have 500 or 500,000 views a day we’re not going to stop exposing all of you. There are still a few democrat Congressional and state legislative seats held to be taken.