George “Mr Sulu” Takei Epitomizes the Liberal Meltdown We’re Witnessing (Video)

This man is so uninformed and so wrong on just about every argument he has. He epitomizes the liberal meltdown and all that is wrong with the left we have been witnessing for a month now.

First he talks about the election citing polls. Sulu like 99% of democrats cannot accept that he was duped by the FAKE NEWS generated by the alt-left media and their pollsters which resulted in Hillary’s YUGE loss! Pollsters are the biggest scam artists on the planet. Anyone who cites some jackass political poll has Z E R O credibility. Have you noticed most of them have not shown their faces on air since being proven snake-oil salesmen!?

Next he rants about Trumps cabinet selections using the alt-lefts lies that Sen Jeff Sessions is a racist. Well of course he isn’t, this myth is fake news created by the left to demonize a good man who for the record got the death sentence for a KKK leader and desegregate schools in Alabama! Yep that’s what racists do, they desegregate schools and put their fellow klan leaders on death row! Clearly anyone Trump picks for his cabinet will be rejected by hardcore leftists.

The EPA choice is welcomed, because he has not drank the “climate change” Koolaid which has done considerable damage to businesses. Fact is leftists believe their solution to climate change is wealth redistribution, to tax and regulate businesses (JOBS) out of existence! We need regs to protect the environment but not when businesses, economies and lives are destroyed.

Then Sulu carries on about the Electoral College which has nothing to do with the sharing of information. This rant of his is probably one of the most offensive as it demonstrates he has NO CLUE how this country and govt work. The Electoral College was created by GENIUSES to stop mob rule and allow citizens in all the states to have a voice in an election vs 6 states deciding the presidency. Because democrats lost one election George and his ilk want to change the US Constitution, Good Luck!

Next this Hollywood TWIT starts talking about the internment camps and how history is repeating itself if/ when Trump has a muslim registry. Takei seems to forget BOTH times citizens, like his family, were rounded up was under progressive DEMOCRAT presidents; Woodrow Wilson & FDR! What is going on today is nothing like the early 20th c either. We have muslims being brought into this country by this administration, unvetted, from regions of the world with people who HATE US and Takei! If you don’t know, George is gay, given the opportunity the muslim extremists he wants to protect will kill him. The govt has every right and a duty to take measures to protect the citizens of this country. Trump is only talking about a registry, he hasn’t done anything and odds are nothing will be done.

Trump is not going to have interment camps set up in the US. If he wants some system set up to say “here are the immigrants that arrived since Y from X”, why is that a crime? It’s called the immigration law that works but is not being enforced… by progressives in power. We have every right to know who is in this country and where they are! Does this Hollywood TWIT have any idea how many people have come here on a visa and have just disappeared!? Of course he doesn’t. But if one of them ends up blowing up or shooting a bunch of citizens, Takei and his ilk will whine and complain afterwards why no one did anything about it! BANK ON IT! And where was George in 1980 when Carter banned travel from Iran? Again he has no clue what he’s talking about, he doesn’t know the President has the power to ban Muslims under 8 US Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens.

Honestly this guy is suffering from PTSD over what was done to his family, AGAIN BY PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATS. If you can’t see that in this interview that’s okay, but the man is clearly troubled by a horrible past. George you’re taking your anxiety out on the wrong people. Those you want in power, progressives, are responsible for your pain! They rounded up your family back in the day, and today they turn a blind eye when those in the gay community are assaulted and killed by the muslims you want to protect!

This guy is exactly why Mark Wahlberg and Gene Simmons have slammed celebs to shut up and Denzel Washington is taking shots at the media. Everything George spewed in 7 mins is pure fallacy shared by the majority of voting democrats he has influence on. They want their lies to be facts to justify power grabs and the destruction of this country “for our own good”.

The election is over, Trump won, deal with it.