The Electoral College is ‘Absolutely Brilliant’ Nationally, But Mob Rule Remains at State Level (Video)

There have been countless stories, news clips, soc media vids etc of liberals whining and complaining about the electoral system. It’s very existence is to prevent what these sore losers are demanding, mob rule. If the electoral college was not in place a handful of states would decide elections for the entire nation. Do you want New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, California or even Texas deciding who the next President is? If democrats and all the snowflakes, participating in Soros organized protests coast-to-coast, were to get their way that is exactly what will happen!

The US is a constitutionally limited representative democratic republic not a democracy. We do not decide our election by direct democracy (popular vote aka mob rule) as other nations. The electoral college allows the smaller states/ populations to have a voice, otherwise New York, California, Florida etc will be the only states a presidential candidate will have to campaign in.  Mob rule is stopped in its tracks, which is why the US govt is the oldest govt in the world! That said there is a problem with the electoral college, while it was designed to stop mob rule nationally, it does nothing to stop mob rule at the state level. So democrats or republicans can theoretically “load a state” vote a certain way. It starts out small but small policies and flamboyant leaders can be magnets to attract new citizens to a state or city.

New York is a perfect example: Through progressive political and immigration policies (remember progs work for an end goal over the long-term) NY’s demographics have been changed over years even decades in key cities that carry more voting weight than others within the state. Because New York City is so heavily populated leaning left, more and more liberals flock to it including those who take public office. From there the domino effect takes over if there is a strong enough concentration. A city like NYC decides whether the county it’s in becomes red or blue and if the state is red or blue.

There are approx 19.865M people in the state of New York, with an est 8.6M residing in NYC! That leaves 11.26M people in the outlying counties, but because NYC is so heavily populated 43% of the states population overrides 57%, delivering the states electoral votes to the democrat party’s presidential candidate! That ladies and gentleman is a perfect example of mob rule!

In a nutshell under the electoral college if you have a state with 1,000,000 people and 450K live in the major city while the other 550K are spread out, whatever the majority vote in that central metropolitan area/ city will decide for the state!

Lets say the fictional major city of Springland with a population of 400K in the State of Jefferson, with a pop of 1M, votes 49% democrat, 47% republican and the latter is mixed. In the surrounding towns/ counties the complete opposite happens 57% repub, 43% dem.. Jefferson’s electoral votes will go to the democrat candidate because the 57% that voted for repub is spread out! Now is that fair to Jefferson voters? NO, but you didn’t see Jefferson state voters taking to the streets demanding an end to the electoral system because their candidate lost!

The people protesting and calling for the end of the electoral system never paid attention in civics class, are progressives or their drones sent out without a clue how things work. Progressives HATE the US Constitution and everything about what makes America a free and great country. Progressives love the European socialist model because it gives them total power and control over the masses. That is what all of this is about, always is, always will be.

When you have people in the media and in positions of power complaining that the 2016 election “is not democracy” they are being deceptive. They know the US is a Republic but they want it transitioned into a direct democracy which will destroy everything. You have a duty to correct people when they refer to the US and our structure of govt is “democratic” or “democracy” talking point. The reason so many are clueless is because this lie is pushed 24/7.That is social engineering to in fact encourage people (they’re demanding it right now protesting Pres-Elect Trump) to change the electoral process. Good luck getting that Amendment through Congress and the states.

One last example on mob rule for anyone still having doubt about this…
In California Barbara Boxer is stepping down and her Senate seat is/ was up for grabs. Because democrats have such a strong hold and the way rules are so insanely set up the top two primary candidates ended up on the Nov 8th ballot…..

Both candidates were democrats! 

So if you want to abolish the electoral college by all means go for it, just understand you will eventually have no choice.