Muslims Destroy Christmas Tree in Shopping Mall

This video is making it’s rounds on the net showing “tolerant peaceful” Muslims destroying a Christmas tree display in a mall. At this time the specifics are unknown as to when and where. One could assume this is most likely from Europe that is under total invasion from “refugees” escaping ISIS. We don’t know but does it matter with the ongoing threats from radical islam towards Christians globally? Could you imagine the outrage from the Muslim community if their holiday display was destroyed by Christians?

Consider this video another warning as to why the brakes must be put on any refugees entering the US.

If more info comes avail this post will most definitely be updated.

  • Julie Strovas

    “Specifics are unknown”? “We can assume”? “Does it matter”? Really? It doesn’t matter that this is a total misrepresentation of what is actually happening? This mall is in Egypt. The tree is specifically constructed to allow climbing for the purpose of finding small gifts in the branches and retrieving them or tossing them to children below. This is part of the celebration of Christmas in this culture. The crowd in the mall is Christian and Muslim, together peacefully. It is peaceful event, and nothing is being destroyed. It takes about a minute to find out the truth. Are you so determined promote hatred and division that you don’t even care about the lies you tell? This has nothing to do with refugees, who are being slaughtered in Syria and are desperate for a safe place to live, and who have been very thoroughly vetted for years before being allowed into the US. Shame on you.