Mary Matalin Destroys Van Jones to Retract ‘Whitelash’ Comments

mary-matlin-destroys-van-jones-to-retract-whitelash-comments-1This is so much fun to watch Mary Matalin who is absolutely FEARLESS “get all up in Van Jones’ grill”! Look at his face he’s beside himself trying to contain his rage! The poor self avowed communist revolutionary is having a bad week after PROGRESSIVE Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the White House to Donald Trump.

First Van threw his little tantrum about his this election being a ‘whitewash’ going into some bizarre rant about his kids being afraid to have breakfast.

Then he got testy during this segment…

Finally, as if he was taken over by the pod people, he said Trump will be spectacular!

The total meltdown of the left since Trump’s victory has been so entertaining. They cannot believe the American people have rejected obama, Hillary and all the Hollywood dolts who all thought they had obama’s “third term” wrapped up. Just think of all the fun we’re going to have with them over the next four years!

AAHAHAHAHA those tears are delicious!