Michael “Jabba” Moore Lays Out Plan to Fight Trump and Disrupt the Inauguration

If you choose not to read and watch the videos then please don’t comment

Liberals are still melting down over Trump’s Nov 8th win. Michael “Jabba” Moore took to his facebook page laying out his “5 Things You Can Do Right Now About Donald J. Trump” following his whiny appearance on MSDNC.
1. Making your presence known. Pay a visit to elected leaders
2. Writing to the DNC tonight. Tell them you want Keith Ellsion as DNC Chair
3. Form your own rapid response team. Community organize, to attend protests at a moments notice
4. Make plans now to be at the inauguration weekend protests. Attend “peaceful protest” to disrupt Trump’s inauguration
5. You should run for office. Why not run for local, state and federal positions? Democrats have failed “us” so we need to take control.

Along with the “5 steps”, Jabba also posted a link to #DisruptJ20, closet communists plan for ‘..mass protests to shut down the inauguration of Donald Trump..’. They’re expecting large turnout with the hopes of disrupting Donald Trumps inauguration, how patriotic of them! These people… these communists are certifiable at this point, thinking Hillary won. They are so butthurt over an election they want to stop the inauguration of Trump. Remember when the TEA Party did that to obama?! Of course not, because TEA Party activists, conservatives etc don’t live in denial and aren’t entitlement brats used to getting their way, esp when they stomp their feet.

Honestly I hope A LOT of you closet communists protest Trump on inauguration day. We know you cannot control yourselves, always turning a “peaceful protest” violent. So it will be quite entertaining to watch you get bombarded with flash-bangs, tear gas, pepper balls and spray. Please run out into the street as he is walking down, on his way to the White House, so we can see how fast the Secret Service’s CAT deals with a threat. And please, let one of you so filled with hate show the true face of the democrat/ communist party by pulling a gun out so the world can see world class marksmanship by the US Secret Service Counter Sniper Team.