MSNBC Brings on Gruber to Fact-Check Trump on Jobs and Obamacare

You know the left is desperate to attack Trump when they have to get one of the biggest scam artists, who bragged about it calling all of us stupid, to defend the obama “legacy”. These isn’t one honest bone in Jonathan Gruber’s body, the man should be jail for defrauding the country really.

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site you know it’s outright lies coming out of whoever is representing the obama regime when they claim his majesty created jobs. The number of people unemployed remains at record levels. The only jobs created were part-time jobs, the only people getting jobs are those who already have a job. To this day 100,000,000+ Americans are out of work. Many are victims of barackobamacare too!

This garbage healthcare law Gruber helped create has had such negative impact on the economy it will take years to recover if it’s ever repealed. Many of the part time jobs created are because of this law. Employers don’t want to bring people on full-time because they’ll incur heavy healthcare costs. Many businesses aren’t hiring because they need the money on the side to cover fines as well. Do I really need to go through the list again of all the bad that has come out of this law that this idiot is covering for in trying to discredit Trump?

I mean this seriously why isn’t Gruber in jail? If any of us committed the level of fraud as he, we’d be in jail right now!