Obama Admin Makes Backroom Deal to Take in 2500 Refugees From Terrorism Hotspots (Video)

!This is a very disturbing news that has remained below the radar, which as noted broke after the election. Clearly the majority of Americans do not know about this so please share it out!

You would think after all the terrorist attacks including, the one that just happened at OSU by the hands of a refugee, the govt would learn its lesson. How many more backroom deals are we going to have to learn about over the next 47 days that have compromised national security? Obama has plenty of time to do an enormous amount of damage to the US on his way out.

Listen to it again, 2500 refugees, MOSTLY MALE, who have been “migrating” by boat to Australia (who rejected them) are set to be brought to the US! Refugees who come from terrorism hotspots, where there are no files, databases or records of any kind to cross-reference in a vetting process. Refugees whom ISIS has been very clear will infiltrate to gain access to the west. Refugees who 13% said in a 2014 poll they approved of ISIS, are coming to the US!

2500 x 13% = 325… 325 potential ISIS supporters (fighters) could very well be set loose on the streets of America.

Why does the US have to take these people in? Why can’t any of the rich Arab nations take them in? The US has enough problems economically, socially and on national security. We have a border that this admin has left wide open, where agents are busy buying diaper wipes and checking the temperature of burritos, while islamic radical compounds on US soil are stockpiling weapons!

This deal needs to be stopped ASAP, again please share it and make a lot of noise!