Obama Admin Plans Retaliation Over Russian Hacks

Example # 12,890 of obama lighting more fires around the world, this one as he is on his way out. He threw Israel under the bus and now he is picking a fight, escalating a cyber war, with Putin, who is pals with China and Iran that would love to hit the US. Surely this site cannot be the only one taking notice of the trouble his worship is starting that will be dumped on Trump’s lap Jan 20th, 2017?! Obama is deliberately creating problems with the hopes Trump fails when he takes over so lil barry and the democrat communist party can pounce on him and his supporters.

There was no interference with the election results. Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate, out of touch with middle America, epitomizing DC elitism, riddled with corruption. It’s insulting and disenfranchises every single American voter to suggest Russia had any influence on this election and is just another example of the detest this admin has for the American people.