Judge Pirro Confronts RevCom Party Ldr Calling on People to Protest Trump

Judge Pirro confronted Carl Dix, founder of Revolutionary Communist Party, who is organizing a protest to deligitimize the incoming Trump admin, accusing PEOTUS of being a fascist when he hasn’t even take office or done anything yet!

Dix, Cornel West and countless other commies are organizing a ‘month of resistance’ against the PEOTUS ‘that reaches a crescendo by January 20th 2017 inauguration.’ So when Pirro asked Dix what he wants people to do he says he wants people to take to the streets resist Trump in nonviolent civil disobedience, “protesting in different ways” (what the hell is that for commies other than destruction?)….

Show me a time when commies, socialists, marxists and anarchists have ever gotten together to protest peacefully?! Yea Dix said nonviolence and candlelight vigils etc but c’mon do I really need to cite all the times these people have protested that turned violent? We don’t have to go far back in time either they were just doing it 2 months ago! From Occupy to BLM one thing is guaranteed, violence, destruction of property, assault etc always comes when these people “peacefully protest”. Please commies prove me wrong but we know by your past actions you monsters cannot control the beast within you. You always attack and destroy. Please by all means be yourselves do what you do best because it will be quite entertaining to see you tear gassed, flash-banged, tased and thrown in back of police cars.
One of the biggest problems about last years primary and election was that people were taking Trump literally on things he was saying. IMO and as I’ve pointed out, after the election, he appeared to be playing a character completely different from the man we’re seeing now. Had Trump released his 100 step plan earlier, say in June, it could have saved a lot of headaches, gained a lot more support vs the resistance and tension we saw among conservatives and republicans and possibly win over some on the left.

That literal interpretation of his intentions is what is most likely driving Dix and the other commies to call Trump a fascist, comparing him to Hitler. Again since the end of the primaries and toward the end of the election Trump became more serious and less of a character; when he won we saw a completely different humble man calling for the nation to come together.. something many of us did not expect. This fascist regime Dix says he is building is a collection of people who have actually done something vs the academia and know-it-all’s we’ve seen for decades. They are not going to demonize minorities, encourage saber rattling, take away civil liberties nor welcome a new nuclear arms race.

The left is use to seeing people within the DC elite appointed to cabinet positions. Commies don’t want to see former generals and successful business people in places of power because they know these people will destroy the entitlement system they’ve been building for decades. People with “can do” attitudes, adults, who know people can exist without govt involvement/intrusion in day to day life scares the hell out of commies who want to see the opposite, total govt control. It’s ironic even hypocritical for a self avowed communist to be worried about a fascist when they’re practically the same! Dix doesn’t dislike fascists, he just wants a fascist from his side of the political spectrum!