Levin GOES NUCLEAR on Meryl Streep and Hollywood Elites: “Honest To God, GO TO HELL!”

Streep is ‘a liberal ass and a partisan, who should stick to what she knows, memorizing words written by people smarter than her and then repeating them when directed to do so. She’s incapable of basic reasoning and comprehension…’

Oh yes the Great One cut Hollywood elitist Meryl Streep and her ilk to pieces! Levin is so right on every single point he makes, these people are so out of touch with the American people. We need more of this, we need more people to come out against these rich snobby elitists who think they speak for the American people. And we also need to bring back the HUAC! They are professional liars who work against the American people through their support on issues and individuals who have been working against us for decades.

Really America we need to organize a massive boycott against these jerks, they have got to be put in their place. If you have to see their new movie, there are ways to see it. Search the net, I’m sure you’ll find it and you can review it for educational purposes…