MSNBC’s Touré Thinks Hollywood Liberals ‘Are Real Americans’

With a new republican president coming in all the leftist networks are rolling out their bomb throwers like Touré, who we thought was long gone. This clown hasn’t missed a beat since he dropped off the radar from his failed show. Following Streep’s insults on half of America and his role in dopey liberal video calling on Congress to obstruct Trump, Touréttes returns to defend his liberal commie Hollywood pals.

Yea, Touréttes Hollywood leftists “are real Americans” because they pretend be leaders in movies or tv thinking they know it all and whats best for us! Many you cite who had nothing and rose to success have forgotten their roots, that is the problem. They stick their nose up to the country that we should all listen and bow to them. In effect they act like those born with a silver spoon in their mouth, like how you attacked Trump!

You and all of Hollywood are the real deplorables and they are going to feel the pain because the people have had enough of this bs. And sorry pal, Trump is not POTUS yet, he has every right to single out anyone who attacks and insults him. He could be presidential right now, and he is most of the time, but these attacks by you commies are uncalled for, so you all get what you deserve!