Little Kid Who Set Fire With DisruptJ20 Protesters Tells Fox ‘Screw’ Pres Trump

O M G! Where are this little fat kid Connor’s parents? Someone needs to ID him and get Child Services involved. What kind of degenerates are raising their kid at such a young age to hate the President of the United States, so much so to encourage him to go out into the streets to set a fire in protest and say ‘screw our President’!? Yes, Trump is Pres-Elect, but it’s clear that’s who this lil jerk was referring to, which just goes to show how bad his parents are!

This kid is a perfect example of all that is wrong and frankly dangerous with liberalism. You can bet he is also being indoctrinated by liberal ideology at school! So what we have here is a perfect example of bad parents and a educational system that is run by political zealots.