Atty Gen Lynch Made Secret Deal to Share NSA Data Bypassing 4th Amendment

While everyone is happy, celebrating the incoming Trump admin, the imperial obama regime isn’t done screwing us until 12:01pm Jan 20th 2017. Judge Napolitano explained a secret order by Attorney General Loretta Lynch that allows the NSA, who as you know has been spying on all of us, to share data with other govt agencies.

Now on the surface that may sound good, because it will allow agencies to move faster on potential threats, the problem is, as Napolitano explains, this order bypasses the 4th Amendment!

‘This allows law enforcement to bypass the 4th Amendment, to acquire evidence of criminal behavior, without a search warrant from a judge based on probable cause, which has been the law of the land..’

Got it?! Whatever agency that has access to the data, again from the NSA spying on all of us, the FBI, State Police, prosecutors, foreign agencies etc will not have to seek a warrant anymore. The data can be given ‘to anybody who wants it if they need it… she [Lynch] has removed the walls round this stuff [data]’.

This is such an abuse of power one hopes the Judge, who has Trump’s ear, will warn him and the incoming Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, will reverse it. But at this point with only hours to go, we can only imagine what other actions this dangerous obama regime has taken against the American people.

That said, as obama leaves office he is trashing everything in his path leaving one hell of a mess for Trump. So let me again reiterate a warning:

The democrats have been trashing this country for years. They are creating so much havoc a GOP sweep as we have experienced at the ballot box was inevitable. The democrats are setting the GOP up for a major fall when all the damage they’ve done finally blows up on the GOP’s watch. This will open door for dems to have legitimate argument of “see we told you so”. From that they hope to regain power that will lead to one party rule.

Go ahead party America, but the last 8 years was nothing but a warm up for the trouble coming.