Leftist Anti-Trump Protesters Being as Violent as We Know Them to Be (Videos)

Behold a collection of leftists protesting Pres Trump doing what comes natural to them. It’s all here, vandalism, destruction of property, fighting cops, using foul language, setting fires, committing assault and new one for propaganda purposes using children and elderly as human shields!

You vile filth need to understand something, you no longer have a progressive closet communist in the White House who will call on his corrupt DOJ Chief to let you all go when you cause havoc and prosecute your victims. You see the adults have taken over, where you dopes are going to be dealt with swiftly and strongly when you…

… loot a limo..

.. and then set it ablaze!

There are tons of vids on the net of these “people” causing chaos at the expense of hardworking Americans. By all means please continue acting like the spoiled rotten obamababies you all are.

Some advice for you dirty stinky people, on top of having to deal with the law, you should know those you have been bullying are going to now fight back. We no longer have to fear being prosecuted for defending ourselves and being charged with a federal hate crime. So you have two choices, continue with your childish nonsense, risking jail time and a lawsuit or cowboy the fuck up, otherwise 2018 is looking awesome for us!