Yes, There is Voter Fraud

Anyone claiming there isn’t voter fraud is a fraud! First the media was up in arms when Trump made the claim, now they’re having a fit because he wants an investigation! Funny, don’t recall them throwing a fit when obama ordered an investigation!

Can we talk about Jill Stein for a minute? She launched multiple failed recount attempts where all we learned is that Trump got more votes OR there were more votes in a district than there were voters. Explain that one fake news media? Imagine what would have been revealed had she continued this futile attempt in other states.

Voter fraud in a state like California, carrying a large umber of Electoral College votes, is highly possible and easy! Anyone can walk into a polling location, give a name of a registered voter, sign the ledger next to the name given and they will be handed a ballot no questions asked. As a resident of CA I can attest to this as fact, where I even offered my ID and it was rejected “that’s not necessary”.

How many people are registered to vote (alive or dead) but don’t where nefarious people, doing a little homework, can acquire a list of registered voters to commit fraud by using their names? According to Pew Research there are 1.8 million dead people still registered, 2.75M are registered in more than 1 state too. Is it not plausible there are that many if not more of living registered voters who don’t vote?!

Trump’s estimate of 3-5M doesn’t seem so far fetched anymore does it?

Let’s stop with the nonsense that there isn’t voter fraud, it’s happened in the past and surely happened in 2016. You want to end it and stop the bickering? Then require an ID to vote, other nations including Mexico do it and we don’t hear anyone calling any of them racist over it.

Those who don’t want voter ID are the ones who want and encourage voter fraud.