Fmr Mexican Pres Says Border Wall is Stupid and Mexico Will Not Pay For it

This Vicente Fox is a funny guy because he really believes if he says “I’m not going to pay for that f*cking wall” enough times Pres Trump will back off! Mexico one way or another will pay for this wall to be built. Fox and the other deniers don’t seem to understand they depend on the US like many other nations who leech off of us. All Trump has to do is start “turning the screws” on this aid package or that aid package. Add a fee/tax/tariff here add a fee/tax/tariff there (grant it tariffs is playing with fire, it’s what helped get us into 1930’s depression).

The US has also confiscated property and cash from Mexican drug cartels that Gov Brewer pointed could be used to pay for the wall. ($1.1Billion collected in AZ alone in 2006)

Regardless of how, Trump, like him or not, does know how to make deals and work the numbers in his favor. This is the new reality for our “friends”, like Vicente, south of the border and they better get use to it. US is no longer taking a back seat to everyone else, the days of bowing down and bending over are through, obama isn’t POTUS anymore!

Vicente you will be paying for the wall.. YOU WILL BE!