Democrats Hold Presser Calling Illegal Aliens Immigrants

The democrats are engaged in a full propaganda campaign, against Pres Trump’s executive orders , following a meeting with the acting ICE director. Dems are now identifying illegal aliens as immigrants because of what is expected next week which will result in more arrests, detentions and deportations.

What happened to calling illegals, undocumented immigrants? With the momentum democrats received from recent court rulings, by rogue federal judges, they are now blatantly lying to the public about the status of illegals. Dems hope to sway public opinion by suggesting illegals are just innocent immigrants being targeted by the evil, racist, bigoted Trump regime who wants them removed because…..? Why? Truth is those being detained and deported are here illegally, and the new EO will probably widen it’s reach to other law breakers. And lets get something straight, if you’re in the US illegally you have no right to be/ stay here! Libs need to stop acting as if illegals have a right to be in the US, they don’t!

With regards to DACA, dems are conveniently ignoring the fact obama’s executive order to more or less grant them amnesty was overruled, yet they continue to treat DREAMERs like amnesty recipients.

This is dangerous to misinform people which will result in more protests, that will likely turn violent. Any blood spilled is on the lawless democrat party.