Sheila Jackson Lee Says Obama Admin Was “Scandal Free”

Apparently Sheila Jackson Lee is smoking whatever Valerie Jarrett and other regime members have been smoking to have the audacity to suggest the obama admin was “scandal free”!

What alternate universe is this woman living in? It’s mind-boggling how the state of Texas can be so conservative yet have these pockets of liberalism that would keep a lying corrupt politician in office as long as Lee!

  • Solyndra and all the green energy failures billions of tax dollars were wasted on
  • Fast and Furious which was a scheme to undermine the Second Amendment
  • IRS targeting conservatives
  • IRS execs destroying evidence
  • DOJ targeting reporters
  • BENGHAZI attack, not to mention the gun running behind it, lies it was about a video… there are many scandals within this one alone!
  • Clinton’s email scandal is actually an obama admin scandal
  • NSA spying on Americans
  • Secret Service caught with prostitutes
  • VA more or less letting vets die
  • EPA poisoning the Colorado River

The list goes on and on, what you have here by Lee and other closet communists is revisionist history.They believe if they take to the air waves praising obama as some kind of legend 100 years from now people will actually believe it!