Fmr Navy Intel Officer Warns Trump of ‘Rebellion’ From Intel Community

Malcom Nance, a former Naval Intelligence Officer in cryptology, appeared with LYING LIAR Brian Williams’, on The Last Word, over Pres Trump’s relationship with the intel community (IC) and the recent Michael Flynn debacle. Oddly for someone with Nance’s credentials he apparently doesn’t seem to understand that intel officials leaking information to the press is illegal. Instead he chooses to suggest that because Pres Trump wants the illegal leaks investigated and those responsible punished this will “insight rebellion throughout the communityā€¯ against Trump!

Did we have another election? Since when does the IC, lets be honest obama loyalists, dictate policy let alone who can and cannot follow the law? What we’re seeing from the IC is nothing new, they are doing what they learned under their dear messiah obama. Trash and destroy anyone in opposition, lawlessness is okay… the ends justify the means!

Dems on the hill want an investigation into Flynn, which means investigating the IC. Will they be insighting a rebellion as well? FWIW, the FBI cleared Clinton, dems applauded, they cleared Flynn but dems refuse to accept it!