Hillary Clinton Urges Dems to Keep Fighting (Vid)

“Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country,”

Like obama, Hillary is not going anywhere as she sent this video message to the DNC reminding everyone of her popular vote count as people who are now activists. She is encouraging the uprising we are seeing hidden within the wishes “for an America that’s hopeful, inclusive and big hearted.”

Really? Was that love we saw on display in Berkeley or countless other locations protesting against Pres Trump? Was that love when property was destroyed and Trump supporters were assaulted? Democrats will never stop their assault on this country until they make that progressive dream a reality, which will be our nightmare.

I don’t think people realize the bullet we dodged by her losing. People have already gotten far too relaxed since the election, before you know it 2018 midterms will be here. The dems are gunning to retake Congress, y’all better get ready for a real fight.

BTW, take note to this day obama nor Hillary have spoken out against the violence committed by their minions they both pander to.