Rosie O’Donnell Goes Into Unhinged Tirade Outside the White House at Resistance Rally (Vid)

The REAL Deplorables held a Resistance Rally outside of the White House prior to Pres Trump’s joint session address to Congress. Rosie O’Donnell was in attendance to give give a speech which was more of an unhinged tirade we’ve come to expect from radical leftists. She railed off attacks at POTUS over his connections to Russia (?), his white privileged cabinet (and supporters for that matter) and claims of bullying and degrading women.

There is no proof of any Russian connection let alone influence on the election, yet leftists hang on this myth.

White privilege?! This WHITE Hollywood ELITIST really wants to talk about white privilege? Where do we start about her? How about her nice lavish homes, or her 100M net worth? How much of that has she shared with the minions like those in attendance? Shall we talk about the armed private security she has while she has railed against the Second Amendment? This woman defines hypocrite, she really needs to shut her trap.

As for O’Donnell’s claims about Trump’s treatment towards women, did you notice all of that went to the wayside after the primary and general election!?

Yes, you heard correctly, she said she isn’t paid by Soros to protest but would love to meet the evil bastard!

What is this resistance O’Donnell and her ilk are ranting about, where they “will get him [Trump] out”? They’re not going to do anything except terrorize Americans who mind their own business. Word to the wise democrats/ liberals/ progressives you’re picking a fight with the people who have been buying guns and ammo at a record rate for over 8 years…