WA Asst Atty Gen Confirms 9th Circuit Decision Had Nothing to Do With Constitution

Even though we are in a post obama world, the stranglehold progressives have over the judicial system he championed that has upended this country remains strong. After news hit the wire that the 9th Circuit Court ruled to uphold the temporary restraining order on Pres Trump’s Executive Order the WA Attorney General held a celebratory press conference.

As the AG, Bob Ferguson, took a victory lap praising the decision it wasn’t until his Assistant AG, Colleen Melody, spoke we learned what actually drove the three judges “The people on my team recognized it instantly as a fairness.. basic fairness, social justice and civil rights issue.”

That right there ladies and gents confirmed the decision had nothing to do with the Constitution. Go ahead open up your copy and see if you can find anywhere it covers social justice, basic fairness and the civil rights of aliens. These AG’s and the judges are telling the country, and the world, that 1) social justice, being fair and “civil rights” for non citizens supersede federal law 2) a person in the Amazon with a bone through their nose (or anyone, anywhere really, who has never stepped foot in America) has rights under the United States Constitution.

The rule of law is irrelevant to progressives, it’s about feelings. Myself, countless sites and legal experts have all said repeatedly aliens do not have rights under the US Constitution but that doesn’t matter to radicals who have infiltrated every level of government to usurp and endanger this nation. These judges went beyond their legal scope, they ignored laws on the books. What you are witnessing is judicial lawlessness and tyranny.

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  • James White

    I think the Republican controlled Congress should push through a bill specifically giving the president authority to issue a travel ban for up to 6 months preventing entrance to the US from anywhere in the world. This action shall be based on what he/she deems necessary for the safety of US citizens.

    • whatistruth

      It’s already a law. So the 9th court is full if sh%t.

  • Brian D Adamson
  • Flick Yoli

    Activist Judges and their families will be dealt with by vigilante death squads, should the wind blow in an ugly direction.