Investigative Reporters Confirm Obama Admin Had 2 Investigations on Trump (Video)

Circa investigative reporters John Solomon and Sara Carter, who broke the news last night, returned to Hannity verifying the barack obama administration had 2 investigations into then candidate Donald Trump.

A FISA warrant was issued into the general overall Russian hacking investigation. The second warrant, not a FISA, was issued to search a Trump server that was not at Trump Tower. The result of both investigations was the same, NO evidence of any connection, collusion whatever you want to call it between Trump, his campaign and the Russians. Obama had to know about the one investigation with the FISA warrant since Loretta Lynch, his Atty General, would have had to sign off on the application. So he knew regardless of what he says in a statement. Got it?! There is nothing there yet the media and many elected leaders carry on as if there is.

The media made the Russian hacking about Trump, but in reality, according to Solomon, he was small part of a larger overall investigation. That means for the umpteenth time there is nothing there, yet liberals and the corrupt alt-left media insist otherwise because they want to destroy this president. They are willfully pushing lies and misinformation because they know if you tell a lie enough times it will become the truth. Rep Waters, just today told MSNBC that the dossier on Trump is true because she thinks so. No proof ,nothing to substantiate her position yet she is so adamant it is she wants the President impeached!

These people on the left are dangerous to say the least. They continue to lose on every front, attacking Pres Trump, his team and anyone on the right who supports him, bu tlike poor marksmen they keep missing the target. Their lies encourage thier minions to protests which are ineffective to sway public opinion. Normal people are dismissing them at every turn in this COLD civil war. These people are fully engaged in a rebellion to resist this administration. You can be sure as we get further into the Trump presidency they will become extremely violent since no one is paying them any attention.