100 Million Americans Out of Work: 235K Jobs Added is “Nothing Burger”, Millions Remain Unemployed (Video)

Many conservative outlets are doing a victory dance over today’s jobs report where 235,000 jobs were created and unemployment rate is at 4.7%. Sorry to bust your bubble but this is a nothing burger, there are still over 100 MILLION people out of work and the unemployment rate is still sitting around 22-23%!

Look at that chart how the “official” and U6 have dropped, that’s because of people who left the labor force!

94,190,000 out of the labor force
+7,528,000 unemployed
=101,718,000 Americans out of work… the govt’s numbers not mine!

The same people praising today’s news ignored the rest of the same report that shows 7.5M are unemployed, which means there are as many people on the books today unemployed as those who lost jobs during the economic crash! That means there was no economic recovery.

Let’s be honest about “jobs created”. Person “1” going from Job “A” to Job “B” is just moving one person from a job to another that’s being recorded as job creation. People with jobs are the ones getting jobs for the most part! Those of us on the sidelines, people like myself who DEFINE the “Forgotten Man”, aren’t even being considered for jobs, including part-time jobs.

Here ya go, I with a 4 year business degree (bc “you have to go to college”) and 20+ years work experience, got shot down for a part-time job at CarMax…

235K jobs being filled isn’t going to cut it and frankly with the direction technology is going many jobs just aren’t coming back! How could they, when we have this to look forward to…

…and then this (no thanks to the unions and unreasonable people out there demanding $15/hour for unskilled work (I warned you this was coming))

As technology advances there will be fewer jobs for people! You might need someone in the truck cab to manage things while the auto-pilot is running today but eventually AI will advance where you won’t need anyone in the cab. Same goes for Flippy, might need someone making sure everything is going fine but eventually a machine will be there to do it all. Heck machines will be building machines and then what!?

We need to bring all the manufacturing back to the US that has been shipped overseas to save what jobs we can. Govt needs to get out of the way of innovation so new jobs can be created to replace those lost not returning or replaced by machines.

Obviously people want to project happier times under Pres Trump but burying the truth is irresponsible and unacceptable. Because of the “good guy”/ “do the right thing” gene, I’m compelled to say the things others won’t…

The economy is not rocking, things are not better, the national debt is still at $20 TRILLION and growing (the Pres plans to spend another trillion in infrastructure spending), poverty is still high etc etc. We’re still broke America, still borrowing money to keep things afloat and still in a stealth depression. All the bad economic numbers pointed out during obama’s reign of terror still remain under Trump. “Yea but the DOW is at record levels!” Uh heh, the bigger the DOW gets the worst things will be when the bubble bursts…