Thank You Pres Obama For Proving You’ve Lied About the Jobs Reports!

The arrogance of this clown never ceases to amaze me. While praising his success in office, in this final presidential address of 2016, obama just admitted he has done very little for job and economic growth.

As the communist party’s boyking takes this victory lap, he says 800,000 jobs were being lost per month as the US teetered going into a depression when he took office. Now ask yourself, does this man, his admin and party EVER TAKE CREDIT since 2008 for creating “800K+” jobs per month when they brag about “jobs created/ saved” or this alleged economic recovery? NEVER! They do however run to the fake news media touting “125k”, “150”,”180k” or whatever the number is, still far less than avg 800K/ mo lost, whenever a jobs report has been released! If we lost 800k a month that has resulted in 7.9 million jobs lost apprx from 2008-2010, logic dictates that many would have to be created ea month during a similar time period. Official unemployment numbers still dance around 7-8 million (7.4) Americans currently unemployed. Soooo there are just as many people on the books today unemployed as those who lost jobs during the economic crash. If we’re in a recovery and have all this job creation that he brags about why are so many still unemployed[incl yours truly]?

Now granted the bleeding didn’t last all 8 years, which is why most economic experts have said the magic number for economic growth and employment rate to come down should be around 400K per month (close to where they were during Bush era), but others argue less. Regardless has obama or any of the regime lackeys ever bragged with that figure? NOPE! And while his majesty takes this victory lap bragging about jobs created he left out the fact that people no longer in the labor force has been climbing, to where we now how over 100 million Americans out of work! As for those millions of new jobs created, many were filled by people who already have jobs and the one they left was never replaced, duties were delegated out to other workers.

As smart as these people running things are, they are just as stupid and gullible. You would think someone would say something to keep the story straight and make some sense after 8 years, but this clown doesn’t care. It’s all about optics and first impressions, to hell with facts. The fact is there is no economic recovery, the country NEVER came out of the recession. Unemployment, poverty, food stamp rolls etc etc are all still at dangerous highs whether the power elite want to admit it. We are in the eye of a stealth depression storm, propped up with cooked economic numbers and the federal reserve printing money like we are the Weimar Republic 2.0.

If you dismiss everything I’ve said here fact remains there are just as many people unemployed now as those who lost their jobs during the crash proving obama lied about all the jobs reports. This govt has cooked the books to delay the inevitable. It doesn’t matter who the next POTUS is either. The economic tsunami coming is unavoidable, Trump as POTUS or not.

So there you have it, Happy New Year and thank you barack for proving you’re a LIAR!

Sorry can’t help myself, it’s that “good gene” I have, I’m compelled to tell the truth…