Levin Eviscerates the Media and Fmr DNI Chief Over Obama Wiretapping Trump (Vid)

Mark Levin continues to thunder away on the left making a damning indefensible case the obama regime had Donald Trump under surveillance, using “police state tactics”, during the 2016 election. Appearing on Hannity, Levin cited news articles the media touted during the election with the hopes of derailing Trump’s bid for the presidency, they are now denying!

The Great One called out the crap media who are now attacking him for simply putting the puzzle pieces, their articles and reports, together concluding the obama admin was up to no good. If the FISA court turned down the first application to investigate do you have any idea how weak of a case that is/was? The court, appointed by SCOTUS Chief Justice, has only turned down 12 out of 38K requests since it’s inception! That’s how weak of a case the obama regime had the first time around. If the second request was in fact approved we have a right to know why and see the warrant.

A clip of Lying Liar fmr DNI Chief James Clapper (he lied to Congress, under oath) was played where the Great One asked if no FISA order went through him then why are 6… S I X federal agencies engaged in some form of investigation on Trump?! Who ordered it? Maybe obama didn’t give the order but you can be damn sure with all these agencies involved he knew, which means he lied in the statement he released.

Obama is dirty on this but his lackeys are prepared to take the fall for him.