Levin Goes NUCLEAR Over Rogue Federal Judge Halting Travel Ban (Listen)

Mark Levin went nuclear over another rogue federal judge who has put political activism ahead of national security. Judge Derrick K Watson, an obama appointee, ruled against Pres Trump’s travel ban arguing a First Amendment violation to people who are not citizens and have never stepped foot in the USA. The Constitution is not universal, it does not apply to people who do not have citizenship or legal status in the US. What Trump said during the campaign about banning muslims is irrelevant. As POTUS he has plenary authority, granted to him by Congress, to stop anyone from entering the US under 8 US Code § 1182(f).

Judges should not be allowed to interfere on issues of national security, this is judicial anarchy/ tyranny as Levin argues. If the US Congress declares war does this mean a judge can override said declaration? Apparently, for the second time now, the answer is yes! There is no balance of power, this nation remains in a Constitutional crisis as progressive repeatedly undermine the law.

Levin, this site and countless others warned obama was loading the courts with radical judges who would carry on his destructive “legacy”. You are now seeing why elections have consequences, as Watson was appointed 5 mos (April 2013) after obama’s re-election.

Looking forward to when we get hit again as a result of this interference from progressives to see how they squirm and try to put the blame on Trump and the GOP.