About That McDonald’s Tweet Attacking Trump, Guess Who Works For McDonald’s!?

A tweet was posted and pinned to the McDonald’s twitter page attacking Pres Trump.

Shortly after it went viral the tweet was deleted and McDonald’s issued a statement they were hacked and were investigating the matter.

While no one knows for sure who did it you should know obama’s former Minister of Propaganda, RobertBaghdad BobGibbs, serves as McD’s Chief Communications Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations!

Did “Baghdad Bob” post the tweet? Probably not, but with the antics of Deep State loyalists for obama in the govt taking every opportunity to sabotage Pres Trump, nothing is impossible anymore.

Ya see Bobby, this is what happens after you lie to the country for a cpl years, you get blamed for things! All you kids out there don’t lie, because someday you’re going to be blamed for things you didn’t do and no one is going to believe you when you say “I didn’t do it”!