Sen Lee Warns Taxpayer Dollars Are Funding George Soros’ Anti-American Groups (Video)

It’s taken a while but finally Congress is calling for action to be taken against George Soros. He is clearly meddling in US affairs giving 10’s of millions dollars to countless radical leftist groups as Sen Mike Lee explains. Unfortunately it took the discovery of US tax dollars going to Soros’ “Open Society Foundations network receiving money from the US Agency for International Development” which then funnel the money out to radicals for Congress to wake up (touching our money) asking Sec Tillerson to launch an investigation, but at least it’s something.

Congress should go a step further to label Soros an enemy of the state after being behind the Ferguson and Baltimore riots and paying agitators, but with many politicians getting money from don Soros such a declaration is not likely. Pay close attention now to who will side with Lee or go against him. Those in DC who trivialize or attack are the ones to worry about because they are getting paid by this real world 007 villain! See for yourself here

How many more protests and riots have to happen in America with a money and paper trail leading back to Soros until real action is taken? Soros wants to see chaos around the world and in America so a new world order govt can rise to power. The man is dangerous, he has to stopped and it’s puzzling as to why none of the countries he’s screwed over haven’t dealt with him!?

Maybe when there is a large body count on the streets of America, as a result of his interference, “we’ll” finally do something?!