Monica Crowley Warns “This is a War”, the Left is “Out For Blood”, They Want Trump in Prison (Vid)

“There is a very dangerous and very effective destabilization campaign underway against this president, his administration and his agenda…. these forces are not just looking to delegitimize him.. they want to personally destroy him, destroy his presidency and they would like to see the man in prison!”

You may not agree with Monica Crowley but everything she says in this clip is 99% dead on to the left’s long term intentions. Libs are out for blood and will not be happy until Pres Trump is removed from office. They have already collected a two “scalps” in their operation to delegitimize/ destabilize the Trump admin by going after Crowley and Flynn, which in many people’s opinion was wrong to do as it set precedent. Like Crowley said, she was the test-run for the attacks the left is waging against this administration. While they didn’t oust AG Sessions they did push enough for him to recuse himself from any investigation involving the Trump team and the Russians, even though he did nothing wrong!

I noted Monica was 99% correct, she left one out. Obama is behind a lot of what we’re seeing from his “Deep State command center” that Valerie Jarrett moved into. Again I ask who has their former aid move in with them if they’re in retirement?

The evidence is small, but give it time, more and more will surface of obama’s meddling with Trump’s presidency. All we need is one honest person within the Deep State to make an email from Darth Hussein™ or the fmr Sub-Pres to prove they’re fully engaged in acts of sabotage, rebellion and/ or sedition. They’re good at covering their tracks so it would really take someone with strong morals and ethics to God and Country to realize what they’re doing is wrong and expose them… Don’t hold your breath.

One thing is for sure from this clip, we are at war (COLD civil war) with the left.

The Anti-Trump Media’s Attack on Monica Crowley