Pelosi Claims Healthcare is a Right While She Attacks GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Plan (Vid)

Nancy Pelosi in her glory to trash Pres Trump and the GOP more or less admitted obamacare is a failure. None of the three bullet point objectives she cited were accomplished under the worst piece of legislation in US history.

“Reduce costs” Costs have skyrocketed for everyone
“Expand benefits” People lost access to their primary caregiver, are denied meds they use to have access to etc
“Enlarge access to insurance and affordable care” What does that even mean? People still don’t have insurance, others have dropped it over costs.

The former speaker then ranted “healthcare is a right”! Where does it say that in the Constitution? Democrats swear by this, fine let them have it! Hang on a sec, relax…

Since healthcare is a “right” that govt should provide, even though it’s not specified in the US Constitution, then so is ammunition and weapons because owning a weapon is a right specified in the Constitution!

I want the US govt to pay for ammunition and weapons I wish to own! She just said healthcare is a right, so is owning a gun PAY ME!

It’s cute how Pelosi mocks the GOP’s plan to replace obamacare, which to be clear STR does not support. Should we remind her about the death boards and the creation of a security force or the fact that people are being forced to buy healthcare?

The GOP’s plan is a lite a version of 0care, a 30% fine for letting a policy lapse is absurd. All these idiot fmr attorneys and what have you in DC need to do is pass separate pieces of legislation that were good in barackobamacare, i.e. pre-existing conditions. Then pass a law that opens up the marketplace across state lines. That alone will curb most of the nonsense and bring costs down. The moment these idgets want to do a comprehensive bill, that’s when trouble starts.

We don’t need nor ever asked govt to get involved with our healthcare. Who started this nutty idea to begin with? “Oh well the Europeans do it”. Really, is that why people come to the US for care!?

Someone please hit reset….