Rush: We’re on the Verge of a Constitutional Crisis, Silent Coup by the Judiciary Against Pres Trump (Listen)

It’s almost every week now we’re hearing warnings from people like Rush of the threats facing the nation by the deep state, dishonest politicians and media and these federal judges who have gone completely rogue. These federal judges ruling against LEGAL Executive Orders are invoking power not delegated to them by anyone, including under the Constitution. Frankly the only court established by the Constitution is the Supreme Court, Congress created the lower court system which clearly needs to be gutted. They can start with impeaching rogue judges who rule on social justice and feelings followed with term limits for a start, since they’ve demonstrated they have no concern for upholding the law they swore an oath to!

Interesting, Limbaugh used a similar scenario I’ve argued. If POTUS and Congress declare war, plenary powers they possess, on a nation that attacked the US but some liberal disagrees they can run to a court to overturn the declaration of war! That is the precedent being set right now with regards to the travel. As it’s been pointed out on this site multiple times since Dec 2015, POTUS is granted the powers to restrict anyone from entering the US. These rogue judges and courts are now saying “no you can’t, we don’t care about the law” (they don’t even refer to in their decisions) and even more outrageous they are granting Constitutional rights to people who are not citizens let alone ever stepping foot on US soil!

The judicial tyranny we’re witnessing against Pres Trump is beyond dangerous. The left is complicit with the rule of law being violated. If these actions do not define Constitutional crisis and a silent coup what does!?


  • Peter Hauer

    Left wing judges are setting up President Trump for IMPEACHMENT.
    It’s obvious. Rogue judges are trying to tie the President’s
    hands so tightly, that the only way he can protect us from MASSIVE Muslims
    immigration is to IGNORE THE JUDGES’ RULINGS.
    These judges are trying to force President Trump to act like President
    Andrew Jackson, when Jackson also had to ignore the rulings of federal courts,
    including the Supreme Court.

    Of course President Jackson was not impeached. But this time
    the left wing media will scream and shout that President Trump should be
    impeached, for supposedly “violating the rule of law.” But of course, it is the federal judges who
    are violating the rule of law, as they base their decisions on their own policy
    preferences, instead of basing their decisions on the law.