Fauxcahontas Suggests Half the Nation is Racist as to Why Trump Won (Video)

There goes Sen Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren pushing the same old nonsense that has done nothing but divide this nation. It’s been 5 months since the election, you would think demoncrats would have learned their lesson, but no. Yea half the nation is racist which is why millions of people continue to come to the US legally and illegally! We’re all angry racists which is why the same bunch of white voters (remember dems make it clear whites are the majority and have too much privilege) elected a “black man” (not really, obama was first mixed race potus) to the presidency – TWICE!

By all means Liz keep up the vile, divisive rhetoric, you guys in the dem party are doing wonders for repubs. It’s paid off so well your guy Ossoff blew $8.3M in a special election (GA06) running against 11 republicans and still lost!

To all republicans, TEA Party activists, conservatives and independents do not try correct her. Encourage this, let Liz and her ilk continue being jerks because we have more seats to gain in Congress, and at the state and local levels, in 2018.

Take Capt Kirk’s advice…