Krauthammer: Obama ‘Caved’ on Inspections, Now Iran is Developing a Nuclear Weapon (Video)

The good doctor Charles Krauthammer delivering some truth for all the people living in denial. The obama/ kerry nuke deal with Iran clearly was nothing more than window dressing for political points while it has more or less put the world in more danger. Keep in mind those who championed and praised this deal are the same people who came before cameras telling the world Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles were destroyed.

Obama’s Iran nuclear deal is no different from Bill Clinton‘s deal with North Korea. Clinton told the world would be a safer place and now we have a Crazy Fat Kid with 8+ nukes threatening a super mighty preemptive strike. It is only a matter of time until the Iranians develop a bomb. And don’t think for a second they aren’t communicating with the NorKs on developing nukes.

We have one loon with nukes who probably won’t use them, while we have another nation of loons who IMO will use nukes.

Thanks obama!