DHS Sec Kelly: Obama Admin Did Nothing to Secure the Border (Video)

Now that we have adults in the govt again the truth about the damage, lawlessness and recklessness committed by the obama admin continues to come to light. In an interview on CNN, DHS secretary Kelly made is abundantly clear that under the obama regime “nothing was done” to secure the border.

Obama and co did everything possible to cause chaos at the border that filtered into every American town and city. They more or less allowed the killers, rapists onto Americas streets along with those who steal jobs, drain our social entitlement programs, and flood our schools. Why? Votes. By pandering to the hispanic community and changing demographics the end result is votes for democrats that leads to one party rule. Disagree with this theory, don’t think it will happen? Take a look at California, it’s a shining example of what dems want for the entire country. There no chance, no way CA will ever be a republican state again. CA is a total loss, it will eventually collapse on itself because progressives are running the state.

Anyone who opposes what Sessions, Kelly and Trump are trying to do on the border, for national security, is an enemy to this Republic.