Judge Pirro Blasts Snowflake Fascists Violating Free Speech on College Campuses (Watch)

Judge Pirro warns the US is “in danger of becoming a fascist, totalitarian society where there is only one accepted point of view”

Let’s be honest though, the left are the ones who are taking this “fascist totalitarian” position Pirro speaks of. They’re on record turning hostile even violent when someone utters opposing views. While she says it’s right or left, the number of times the left gets out of control outnumbers the right probably 100 if not a 1000 to 1!

There are NO videos of leftist speakers coming under attack at colleges and universities. On the flip side almost every conservative speaker on the right comes under some kind of attack, be it boycott, verbal and of course pure violent rage.

The left believes only they have all the rights granted under the First Amendment. If you do not agree with them, they attack, not just verbally but physically. They have become the very thing they claim opposition to be. These radical leftists, many who ID as antifa (anti-Fascist) are in fact fascists. Either you submit to them or they will destroy you.

As for the police who follow orders to stand down when the left gets violent, yes you have to follow the orders of your superiors but when those orders violate your oath, and very duty to protect the public, shame on you! Do your damn job, the American people will stand with you if you do your job and the radical left tries to come after you.

These snowflake radicals running loose on just about every college/ university campus are as Pirro says, WIMPS. How pathetic are they, that they snap going into fits of rage over someones words! When they get out of school, these indoctrination camps, there are NO safe spaces or playpens for them in the workplace. If these snowflakes think they will be able to throw fits at work because their boss criticized, or correct them… well they’re in for a rude awakening when they hear “you’re fired”! If you snowflakes are so weak you throw tantrums or go as far as destroying property or attacking another individual because they disagree with you, you should seek help from a mental health professional asap!

Understand this, especially you Howard Dean, the First Amendment protects all speech, especially that which is most offensive. If that upsets you, then you are a fascist and maybe not cut out to be in the USA! You don’t have to be here, if you don’t like the rules, think you can do things better, then by all means leave the USA! Go to Venezuela, Cuba, Iran etc and show us all how it’s done, otherwise shut up!