Antifa Domestic Terrorist Arrested For Assault (Watch)

You see that’s what Antifa does! You say something, invoking your First Amendment right, they disagree with and they take a shot at you! Well that’s one… there are a heck of a lot more Antifa commies that need to be arrested. How many more Jack Posobiec’s does there have to be until the DOJ officially designates Antifa a domestic terrorist organization?

Think about it, these monsters are attacking anyone with an opposing view. First they will label you a nazi followed by an in your face verbal assault. If you don’t submit to their intimidation, they follow up with physical attacks. That is domestic terrorism per the FBI’s definition!

Many are re-naming/ classifying this domestic terrorist group, Antifa, from being “Anti-Fascist” to really Anti-First Amendment! They clearly do not want anyone speaking out of turn when it exposes the truth about who they are and their radical anti-American agenda.

For those who identify as Antifa, you’re asking for a fight you cannot win. You have no right to stop people from speaking. You have no right to assault people who disagree with you. If you choose to escalate the violence, aside from having to deal with police (EVEN Berkeley PD), you will eventually have to deal with the National Guard. Keep in mind both are AFTER Patriotic Americans give you a bigger ass beating than you’ve already received. Go ahead, bring your pepper spray, knives, rocks, bricks, sticks and bats, and M-80’s inside glass bottles to the next protest. When the dust settles majority of you will be in the hospital (handcuffed to a bed) or in jail with felony assault charges. Your days of terrorizing the American people is coming to an end!