George Soros Funding Groups to Stop Convention of States (Vid)

Even though the don, George Soros, was unsuccessful getting another one of his puppets (Clinton) into the White House, it hasn’t stopped him from his goal to undermine the US. He is actively funding multiple groups..

… to stop the Convention of States. He knows this is the peoples way to go around the elitists and monsters in DC, he is backing, to take the power back. This madman truly believes there will be a one world govt. An Article V Convention, once established to create budget controls, term limits etc would be a force that threatens the power structure he has on puppet strings.

This man is an enemy to the Republic. Soros is fully engaged in acts of sedition, rebellion and insurrection. Sound familiar? It should as it is what obama is doing with Valerie Jarrett from his DC bunker via the deep state. Why the US govt has not officially designated the don a national security threat is beyond me. Regardless of him or others interfering Article V Convention must become a reality. It is the only way the people will be able to Save the Republic.