Maxine Waters Falsely Claims She Never Called For President Trump to be Impeached (Video)

First off, there was no collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign, this nonsense is conspiracy theory cooked up by radical, seditious leftists and the news entertainment media. Furthermore, the directors of the NSA and FBI were clear the Russians had no influence on the election.

Regardless of these facts, Maxine Waters continues to push the Trump-Russian connection lie, while now lying she never called for his impeachment. Well Wiggy there’s this thing called the internet that says otherwise, like waaaaaay back in March 2017 she in fact did! Waters also alluded to impeaching Trump during MSNBC interview in February, and again during a dem presser

Wiggy Waters has a selective memory to say the least. She probably won’t recall when she admitted to committing fraud. And then there was the time she was more or less calling for sabotage to be committed against the border wall once construction starts.

Wigged Out Waters is as dangerous as they come. Oh btw nice job MSDNC not questioning her about funneling campaign funds to her daughter!