Rep Nunes Confirms President Trump Was Under Surveillance by Obama Admin (Video)

Rep Devin Nunes held a presser today that he has learned through his own investigation the obama admin was in fact “spying” on Donald Trump. None of the surveillance had anything to do with the myths and conspiracy theories concocted by radical leftists in DC or the media. The Congressman will be meeting with PRes Trump to go over his findings, which IMO Trump may be well aware of since he made the claim a few weeks ago! This also vindicates Sara Carter’s investigation when she revealed a FISA warrant was issued, along with another standard warrant. There are a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE WHO OWE DONALD TRUMP A FORMAL APOLOGY. The only president who should be issuing an apology at this point is the shady, conniving, anti-American barack hussein obama out of his DC bunker where he is running the Deep State to undermine Pres Trump’s presidency!

Many in the media claiming to be down the middle journalists [ie Shep Smith] should be canned for attacking the President and more or less calling him a liar! Some Congress members have gone as far as threatening impeachment should resign, especially “she” who willfully engaged in an act of insurrection and called for sabotage on the border wall!

Face it progressives Donald Trump is playing 3D chess to your tic-tac-toe.