Tucker Debates Clueless Baltimore Councilman Who Compared ICE to “Nazis” (Video)

The story of a 14yr old girl raped by 2 young men, 1 an illegal alien, out of Rockville, MD is beyond horrendous. Let’s make something clear about it too, this is a direct result of barack hussein obama’s immigration policies carried out by the border patrol and ICE. His pandering to illegal aliens allowed this monster to end up in Maryland and rape that girl so horrifically I will not list them here! This is obama’s fault no one else’s, and you can be sure we will hear more tragic stories like it.

Zeke Cohen, a Baltimore councilman, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to make some pathetic progressive argument as to why illegals are given sanctuary. He had the audacity to compare ICE to Nazis for simply doing their jobs, enforcing the laws on the books that have been ignored for far too long. (Is there some manual or email sent out from dem leaders to go around calling anyone who disagrees with them a nazi??) This name calling is getting quite old especially from a party who acts more like fascists nazi’s than those they accuse. I could rant on and on about Cohens appearance but whats the point? He’s a progressive democrat in a seat of power proving they care more about illegal aliens than Americans. Progressive leaders like Cohen are the problem with this country, maybe after few more kids are raped, or killed, citizens will get the hint to stop putting them in power.

And one more thing Zeke, the inscription on the Statue of Liberty is not founding doctrine. It it not LEGALLY BINDING you twit!