CNN Host & Dem Senator Claim Russia Meddled and Helped Rob Election (Video)

Behold example #25,698,745 as to why NO ONE likes nor trusts CNN, and why Alisyn Camerota is no longer on Fox News! The directors of the FBI and NSA made it abundantly clear, during the Congressional hearing, Russian activity had NO influence on the election, yet Camerota claimed Russia was “meddling” in the election. Not surprising Sen Sheldon Whitehouse took it a step further suggesting democrats loss on election day was the equivalent to “robbery”!

Wheres the proof Alisyn? Produce the proof you and CNN have that the Russians meddled with the election so much so Americans changed their vote from Hillary to Trump. PROVE IT Sen Whitehouse that the democrats were robbed!

The lies have to STOP and you people, radical degenerate leftists need to accept Hillary lost because of HILLARY! Furthermore it’s insulting to suggest she had the election locked up had it not been for those damn pesky Russians. They didn’t tamper with voting tallies, or go door to door telling Americans to vote Clinton, who had enough of the progressive agenda I listed after the election.

Democrats are never going to stop. They will continue to throw gasoline on the fire because they HATE Trump, HATE the Constitution, HATE America regardless of whatever they say otherwise.